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I am the X12, an experimental highspeed superhuman, and
I can also pull a 26,000lb (13 ton) semi truck without the trailer hooked up.
Watch my performance videos on YouTube, and my pics on this website.

Pics Of X12 Superhuman Features

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I am also the founder of a newly founded religion called:

The New Spiritualism Of God

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To Know What The New Spiritualism Of God Is All About


Compare age appearance of the X12 with the age appearance
of the current and former US Presidents when they were elected in office.
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The Bane X12 Rises


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Training Method And Basic Superhuman Foods


   The X12 will not come on TV Shows that would set too many limitation in performing real great feats less than his posted videos online, or he doesn't fit in the format of that TV Show, because those kind of TV Shows are a waste of the X12's time, and the X12 will decline those TV Show's invitation.

   So inviting a superhuman on a show, and not allowing that superhuman to perform real great feats is like hiring a stuntman, and not allowing that stuntman to perform stunts. So producers, you shouldn't invite a superhuman on your show if you would have no intention of allowing that superhuman to perform any real extraordinary feats on your show, or else you would be wasting that superhuman's time, and you could ruin the reputation of that superhuman to that superhuman's fans.



Here is a text message exchange between the X12 and his sister when the X12 was in California doing the 1st shoot on Tosh.0, but it really wasn't the X12's sister who he was text messaging to, but it was caused by a dirty US Government officials. View the conflicting text massage exchange pic from the X12's sister in the white messages, and the cyan color message is X12:

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The X12 Will Not Do Anymore Comedy TV Shows,
Because The X12 doesn't fit in the format of comedy shows,
and his fans said the same, and those fans said they would
like to see the X12 on TV Shows like Stan Lee's Superhumans
Or Ripley's Believe It On Not, or any other TV show that have
that equivalent format of performing real feats of strength
or speed. So the X12 being Tosh.0 is history.


Yes, The X12 was on Tosh.0 for the 2nd time,
Season 6, episode 24 that was aired on Tuesday night October 21, 2014.


The X12 found out he is growing. The X12 was 5 foot 11 inch tall (180.3 cm) back in 2010,
and now he is 6 foot tall (182.9 cm). So the X12's growth rate is like a 20 year old.


Look How Fast The X12 Heals By
Viewing The Recent Stamp Dated Pics


A British TV Program Called RudeTube Have Aired Some
Of X12's Videos In The United Kingdom In January 2014.


See The X12 Doing A Daytime 18 Yard Sprint
At With A 30 MPH Cruising 18 Wheeler
With The Radar Gun Measuring The Speed
Of That 18 Wheeler At This YouTube Link:
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See The Pic Of The Frame By
Frame Elapse Time On A 6 foot
Movement Of That Run With
That 30 MPH Cruising 18 Wheeler
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See The X12 Doing A 20 Yard Sprint At
Night With A 30 MPH Cruising City Bus
At This YouTube Link:
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Yes, I was the X12 that debuted on Tosh.0 Season 5 Episode 2 On Comedy Central that was aired on February 12, 2013.


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 The US Government's of Repeated Illegal Plots Of Oppression Against The X12 Superhuman A Crime Fighter By Violating His Civil Rights.

Click Here To See Details Of The US Government's
Illegal Oppression Against The X12

There have been reports from independent news media and civil rights organizations about those plots of oppression on innocent American citizens that are orchestrated by US Government that are in violation of civil rights. Those dirty feds are engaging racially motivated organized crime against the X12 since he was a juvenile, because his father was civil right activist, and he was a member of the NAACP, and the X12 is a member of the ACLU. There are people have been knowing the X12 for over 20 years, including some law enforcement officers. So if those dirty US Government authority or any dirty government authority would contact you to spread bad roomers about the X12 to you, they are lying, or if they would influence you to plots racially motivated oppression against the X12, or plot crimes against the X12; and you could be breaking the law for knowingly getting involved or engaging in organized crime with those dirty feds, and then you could do jail time, or you could get bodily harmed or your property destroy by those bad people.

   So contact a civil rights organization or the government authorities because that is a violation of civil rights, and contact the local police if those dirty government officials would encourage you to break the law. If you are employees of those businesses, you should consult your company attorney if any government officials approach you to influence you to change or disrupt any business operation, or disrupt a business operation to set up a criminal plot on a specific customer, or else you could get fired from your job for changing corporate operation for the purpose of illegal reasons or without the company's approval. So those employees of those businesses shouldn't talk to the news media or government authorities over their business operations without consulting their company attorney, or else they could get fired or risk getting hurt by those people they have oppressed. Whether if you would agree to do their dirty work for those dirty feds or not, those dirty feds are like criminals that could unpredictably turn on you without any warning, and they could have someone to do dirty work on you to make bad things happen to you and your family members just to cover up their tracks in which they have already done in the past.

Click To Read Some Of The X12 Crime Fighting History

So the best way fight government corruption or evil people is by supernatural powers that is powered by God in which the X12 has been working on for the past year. Now those supernatural forces from the New Spiritualism Of God are combating evil 1 by 1. So if anybody are influenced by those evil people to do evil on the innocent people or God's followers like the X12, those evil people already carrying that supercurse of the worse from God in which they got that curse from those dirty government officials whom they got that curse from God for their sins. So oppressing or killing God's Followers is not going to stop God, His followers, and His mission to combat evil, and redeem people back to God. The Roman Empire have already tried to kill, oppress, and persecute God's followers, but they didn't stop God, and Christianity from growing all around the world.

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