Tosh.0 Wronged The X12

  So that TV Show Tosh.0 the X12 was on 2 times don't care who they hurt, but they're more out for profits and ratings, and they instigate their fans to engage in racial hatred and bigotry on their guest behind their backs of certain race off the camera. They are not doing it to their white guest that did way dumber things than the X12, and most of their fans that are making those malicious post are white, and some of those fans have very notorious run ins with the law of doing violent crimes. So the X12 had to call the police on some of Tosh.0 fans after their fans escalate to sending him harassing messages of hate and threats. Tosh.0 themselves are already receiving a bunch death threats according to the media, and some of them may carry out those threats.

  So everything the X12 did on Tosh.0 is fake except the crash through the wall stunt, and the X12 could have hurt his back if he didn't crash right. But the X12’s YouTube videos are real, but those Tosh.0 producers wouldn’t allow the X12 to perform some feats like he did on his YouTube videos, and all Tosh.0 spent, is a bunch of money just to hurt the X12 that was racially motivated after the producers lied and deceived the X12. Tosh.0 producers stop all communication with him after left their set in California on May 30, 2014 on the 2nd shoot, because that was a sign of their guilt that they went behind the X12’s back to try to hurt him.

 Daniel Tosh said the X12 was fast as a slow moving train on season 5 episode 2, and here is a X12 slow moving train test:

 Here is the X12 running 42 yards with a 28 MPH light rail train in a hot summer weather in Hermann Park, and he was dehydrated. The X12 didn't start running until that train’s front end left the train station platform:

 Tosh.0 could have had the X12 to run with a light rail train in Exposition Park across the street from USC college campus, or they could have brought a semi tractor in the studio parking lot to have the X12 to pull it in which he was capable of doing in which that’s what the fans really wanted to see, and not BS, and it would have been safer than the X12 crashing through that wall on that Tosh.0 set. So Those people with those kind of extraordinary abilities and the X12 never did fit in the format of that TV Show Tosh.0 in the first place.

These are the for the following Tosh.0 staff that had major roles in wronging the X12:

Jeff Sammon the producer, but no longer with Tosh.0;

Daniel Tosh the weasel executive producer and the TV show host;

Andrew Wantuck the producer, but no longer with Tosh.0;

Sam Jarvis the researcher, but now the writer on Tosh.0;

On January 2013, Sam Jarvis researcher who 1st contacted the X12 to invite him on Tosh.0, and then Sam hooked up the X12 with Tosh.0 producer Jeff Sammon.

Jeff Sammon made promises to the X12 that Tosh.0 would help the X12 boost his image, but it turn out to be the opposite, because Tosh.0 producers didn’t allow the X12 to perform some feats on their TV Show like he did on his YouTube videos, and that disappointed those fans.

Daniel Tosh the weasel executive producer and the TV show host laid too many restrictions on the X12 in performing feats on the set that are way less than on his YouTube videos. So Daniel Tosh is a funny man, but he is a big weasel executive producer after he laid too many restrictions on the X12 in performing feats way less than his YouTube videos, and those fans were disappointed.

Andrew Wantuck the producer had fail to have posted comments of racially motivated bigotry against the X12 removed as the X12 requested him to do, and Andrew treated the X12 like dirt most of the time back in May 2014 and afterward.

 The X12 just couldn’t walk off the set after he was tricked and deceived by Tosh.0 producers, and risk getting himself sued for breaching of contract with the show. The X12 tried to contact Tosh.0 producers in May 2017 to address some of the wrongs they had been done to him, but Tosh.0 producers had failed to respond to the X12, and that’s why the X12 started posting bad things about Tosh.0 in June 2017. Now those scum producers Jeff Sammon and Andrew Wantuck are no longer working with Tosh.0, but there are major 2 scums left on Tosh.0 that wrong the X12, and that is the weasel executive producer Daniel Tosh, and Sam Jarvis the writer, the former researcher. The X12 is a veteran that served 7 years in the US Army that wore the uniform to defend freedom and the US Constitution, and Tosh.0 insulted that veteran.

  Here are the proof, compare the YouTube videos and Tosh.0 season 5 and episode 2 called X12 Cewebrity Profile, and Daniel Tosh wouldn't allow the X12 to do any feats on the show set like on the X12's YouTube videos. It already proves that Daniel Tosh didn't help the X12 boost his image after his producer had promised the X12 that Tosh.0 would help the X12 boost his image. So Daniel Tosh is way far less than a man that don't have a pair to man up to the wrongs that he did to the X12 after his producers lied to the X12, and he can't even man up enough to have his staff to contact the X12 to address the wrongs he had done to the X12, because Daniel Tosh is the one had his producers deceived the X12 on things that is too good to be true in order to get the X12 to come on Tosh.0 set, and Daniel Tosh the executive producer has the final say in what goes on his TV Show or not.

   Most of Tosh.0’s guest have agents, but the X12 didn’t have an agent in which that was the biggest mistake he ever made, and the X12 can man up to admit his mistake on that. So Tosh.0 is history for the X12 after all the dirty things they’ve pulled on him behind his back that was racially motivated, and if you are a superhuman, strongman, martial art expert, or a person with extraordinary abilities performing any feats; AVOID GOING TO TOSH.O unless you have an agent that could look out for you.

I promise that if Sam Jarvis would stop working for Tosh.0, I will forget about her and all her wrongs that she had done to me as if she had never existed, and I hope she does the same by forgeting about me as if I had never existed.



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