Attention Medias

The X12 will not do anymore guest apearances with any medias except for religious medias, or promoters of any exhibition sporting events. Medias should contact that superhuman's agents or manager, and Medias should never try to contact or invite a superhuman without an agent representing that superhuman, or else if a heated dispute occurs with that superhuman without that superhuman's agent representing that superhuman, it could be very dangerous for medias that could cause a long term taxing security issue. So it is safer for media to make contact to invite a superhuman with that superhuman's agent representing that superhuman.

   The X12 will not do anymore guest appearances on anymore comedy TV shows.  Because The X12 doesn't fit in the format of comedy shows, and his fans had said the same, and those fans said they would like to see the X12 on TV Shows like Stan Lee's Superhumans Or Ripley's Believe It On Not, or any other TV show that have that equivalent format of performing real feats of strength or speed. So the X12 being on any comedy TV shows is history.

   So for now on, the X12 will not deal with anymore medias, except Opra Winfrey or religious medias, and he will not come on any medias that would set too many limitation in performing real great feats that are way far less than his posted videos online, or sacrifice safety that has very high risk factor of injuries or fatalities. So inviting a superhuman on a show, and not allowing that superhuman to perform real great feats is like hiring a stuntman, and not allowing that stuntman to perform any stunts.

    So producers, you shouldn't invite a superhuman on your show if you would have no intention of allowing that superhuman to perform any real extraordinary feats on your show, or else you would be wasting that superhuman's time as well as wasting your time, and then you could risk ruining the reputation of that superhuman to those fans as well as risking ruining your reputation.

For some of those evil medias that have dealt with the X12 in the past for the purpose of maliciousness, defamation, negativity or demeaning the X12 without any proof; those evil medias have already getting punished by those mysterious supernatural forces from God for engaging in maliciousness against the X12 and his spiritual Christrian Faith the Power Of Faith In Prayer.

  The X12 will only accept invitation from promoters of those exhibition sporting events, or any events working with animals, and allowing the X12 to use his abilities in those events, but those promoter will not set too many limitation on the X12 on the use of his physical abilities way less on his YouTube videos. The X12 will accept offers from agents that would represent him. So do not try to contact the X12 unless he has an agent representing him. Whenever the X12 has an agent representing him, then you Medias and promoters must contact the X12 agent, and not the X12 directly.

Written By The X12

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