X12 Superhuman Crime and Corruption Fighting History

Here are some of the X12's crime or corruption fighting history:

(1) The
preX12 found abandoned 6 year old boy back on January 1, 2000, and he was abandoned by his mother, and the preX12 called Houston police to come on Lockwood Dr near I-10 East, and A tall white Houston ISD Police officer named Sergeant Jackson was the 1st to arrive at the scene, and then the Houston police arrived at the scene and then the preX12 told that officer in what preX12witnessed in spotting that boy, and then that Houston police officer picked up that abandon boy. But that HISD police officer Jackson didn't care about that black boy, and he didn't remain at the scene to make sure that little boy was safe, and he could have provided school information about that boy to the Houston police officer at the scene, and then the X12 tried to address an issue to Sergeant Jackson this summer 2013 about that big hole in the fence on the Lockwood Dr bridge over I-10 freeway that could jeopardize the safety of after school kids that cross that bridge and the oncoming traffic on I-10 freeway, but officer Jackson doesn't care about that issue either, nor the public safety of those school kids because it is racially motivated, because most of those school kids are black. That's why that fence got repaired on the Lockwood bridge over I-10 east right after the X12 broadcast over the internet about addressing that issue to Sergeant Jackson didn't about those school kids public safety.

The preX12 caught 2 boys on video throwing rocks at the preX12's property after school on April 8, 2003, and call the Houston police they saw that video that is uploaded on YouTube, and the preX12 have a HPD case incident number on that case, and then the preX12 took that video to the school, and that infamous video was viewed by the assistant principle at McReynolds Middle School named Mr Allen and HISD police officer at that school, and then those 2 boys got suspended from school. Here is the preX12 1st crime fighting video that is on YouTube at this link:


So those kid criminals in that video were hired by some adult criminals, and then the X12 sent a message those adult criminals that hired those kids back in 2012 by the X12 outrunning a Metrobus 1 block with his 260lb bodyweight after that Metrobus took off while that criminal was aboard that Metrobus.

(3) A hot headed thug woman suspect named Sheila assaulted a elderly female Vietnamese convenient store clerk in which everybody in the neighborhood called her mama at a convenient store on Sonora St 1 block west of Lockwood Dr, and Sheila put a big knot on top of that store clerk's head, and that incident was caught on the store surveillance video back around the mid 2000, and The preX12 watched Sheila walked into an apartment complex, and then the preX12 told a Houston police officer where Sheila went. The preX12 was very concerned about that after Sheila said that she was going to get her gun, and the preX12 didn't want her come back with a gun whenever the preX12 is at that store. Sheila the suspect was arrested, and that Vietnamese family that ran the store was happy in what the preX12 did for them. That Vietnamese family is no longer running that store.

(4) The preX12 had 1 7th grade boy arrested by the Houston police
on February 28, 2006 after school for threatening the preX12
after school on February 27, 2006 that the preX12 recorded school boys threat on his digital recorder, and the preX12 have HPD incident number on that case.

(5) When the X12 pushed that car out of the flooded streets that stalled out in front of a police substation on Westheimer Street near Crocker Street onto higher ground that the X12 stated on Tosh.0 interview, and a Houston police officer saw the X12 did it, and the X12 know that police officer's name his first and his last name, and he used to work at that police substation there.

A Private investigator or a lawyer could verify those that was investigated by the police, because preX12's ID was presented to the police as a witness or victim at those incidents

(6) Now the X12 is fighting crime with supernatural forces that is powered by God through his power of faith in God, and that is the most effective way to fight government corruption, crime, and evil more vastly than ever, and here are the results of those supernatural forces from God:

    (a) Those supernatural forces from God have already fought the Houston Police Department for ticket rigging back in 2014, and 4 HPD officers were fired, 6000 tickets was thrown out, 1 HPD officer freakishly committed suicide while on duty that was caused by that police officer's guilty conscious, but not by those supernatural force, but those supernatural forces from God could remind that police officer of the truth of his wrong doing, and if that police officer had accepted the truth of his wrong doing, he would have been alive today.

    (a) Those supernatural forces from God have caused a very bad flood in Houston on May 26, 2015 that it flooded in some areas that it never flooded before, and some of the X12's criminal enemies got messed up by that flood.

    (b) Those supernatural forces from God have forced a white Houston ISD police officer named Jackson to retire 8 months early before he reach his age of retirement for engaging in racism against the innocent black people, and he didn't care about that abandoned 6 year old black boy whom he was the 1st to respond to the police call on that incident back in January 1, 2000. Houston ISD police department have been plague with corruption for the past decade that have hit the news media several times, and some of those dirty school cops got convicted under federal statue.

     (c) Those supernatural forces from God have linked the X12 to the dead of an evil living to find that evil living, and Metro knows that the X12 have linked to a dead relative in California of an evil Metro employee that was causing repeated disruption of Metro bus service at the Denver Harbor Transit Center in a predominately black neighborhood by spreading bad rumors about the X12 in retaliation against the X12 for the X12 making complaint on that evil Metrobus employee to Metro for yelling and cussing his woman out over his cell phone in front of his Metrobus in front of his customers aboard his bus back in October 2012 while his Metrobus is sitting at the Denver Harbor Transit Center on the old 42 Holman bus route in the evening around 7:20 PM, and that's part of the reason why that evil Metro employee had been though 2 know marriages that ended up in failure. That evil Metrobus employee held a grudge against the X12 since 2012, and also that evil Metro employee had been spreading bad rumors about the X12's religion to other evil Metro employees to discriminate against the X12 because the X12 is involved with the newly founded religion called The New Spiritualism Of God that has supernatural forces that could combat evil, redeem people back to God, and build the church with the people's heart with Jesus as the Door of that true Church, and not in the building called the church.


         (c1) Now the X12 know that evil Metro employee's full name, and where his hometown, and his hometown is Texarkana, Texas, but that evil Metro never did tell the X12 much about himself but only his 1st name, and no more, and Metro customer service told the X12, there are several Metrobus employees with the same 1st name as that evil Metro employee, and the X12 didn't follow that evil Metro employee, nor have him followed, because the X12 has been under the unjustly watchful eye of those evil government officials since he was in elementary school that was racially motivated, and it didn't have anything to do with national security or crimes.

          (c2) Those supernatural force from God have made those Metrobus drivers paid the price for the unsafe operation of their 20 ton buses that are causing those preventable accidents, and those bad rumors that evil Metro employee are spreading about the X12 is not only causing disruption of bus service at the Denver Harbor Transit Center, but those bad rumors are causing distraction of those Metrobus driver that would cause the unsafe operation of those Metrobuses that are trigger more preventable accidents that have already caused injuries to passengers and pedestrians that would lead up to very taxing court litigations.

          (c3) Those supernatural forces from God have caused a very bad flood in Houston on May 26, 2015 that it flooded in some areas that it never flooded before, and it did cause Metro to temporary shutdown their public transportation system.

          (c4 ) If those evil Metro employees would keep follow the lead of that evil Metro employee that has been spreading rumors about the X12 in which rumors are nothing but lies, those evil Metro employees will get the supercurse of the worse from God, and that supercurse will get worse as those evil Metro employees do their worse on those innocent people or those innocent people of God. But those evil Metrobus drivers need to worry more about Quanell X, and if Quanell X would hear about those repeated disruptions of bus service in the black neighborhood at the Denver Harbor transit center, he would block off those Metrobuses on their bus route with a group of protestors just like he blocked off the freeway motor traffic on South Freeway AKA state highway 288, and Quanell X will hear about it sooner or later.


     (d) So if any evil government officials or corrupted media would try to discredit God or His work by trying to falsify an report against God and His work, the worst will come upon those evil people and their agency or company 1 by 1 by those mysterious supernatural forces from God, and when those criminals, corrupted government officials, or any other evil people have gotten messed up by those supernatural forces from God, they can't sue or press charges, and not even attacking or killing those religious practitioners or God's followers won't stop those supernatural forces from God either, because those supernatural forces from God will last longer the lifetime of several human generations, and it's those people's and employee's ignorance, evilness, and misdeeds had cause the curse from God, and not me. The Roman Empire had already tried to oppress, persecute, beat, torture, kill, execute those followers of God, and it didn't stop Christianity from growing. Those religions are protected under the 1st Amendment of US Constitution as long as that religion or religious people don't use any physical force to endanger the public. So those goverments, or businesses would keep oppressing the God's followers, those corrupted government or businesses are going to make those God's followers rich after the get sued in federal civil court.

There were no laws broken in fighting those crimes, but that corrupted Houston police, Metro police, Metrobus drivers
, the VA hospital in which those dirty feds illegally orchestrated, and the feds want to illegally oppress the X12, because he is a black and it's racially motivated, a black superhero, and his late father stood up for civil rights along with Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Nelson Mandella in South Africa, and his father was a member of the NAACP, and the X12 is also an ACLU member in which the X12 joined back in 2014.


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