US Government's Series Of Unjustly Plots
Against The X12 To Violate His Civil Rights

   The X12 tried to send an autographed photo to a X12 fan through the US Postal Service, and they weren't able to deliver my mail to that fan, and they're looping his mail around all over the country. The X12 sent another 1 out through UPS, and they was able to deliver it my mail of that autographed photo to that X12 fan in California. The X12 has been trying to get them to return that mail back to me for a week that is on the sender label, and the X12 didn't get any results. Now the X12 can't trust the US Postal Service in delivering his mail anymore. Take a look at the receipt of the mail they have looped the X12's mail around:

messoverByUSPS93277.jpg (188746 bytes)

  Those dirty US feds have hired troubled after school Middle School kids in their late preteens or early teens to do their racially motivated dirty work on civil right activist and their offspring as well as hiring those criminals, and here is that video of those Middle School kids after school illegal at this YouTube link:

   How the X12 did know it was those dirty feds had those juveniles to do dirty work against me? Because The X12 tried to send a certified letter with an article number EQ198103588 US to that McReynolds Middle School where those kids attended addressing the assistant school principle Mr Allen about those after school delinquent kids back in November 2005 when they were trashing my property again in 2005, but that assistant school principle Mr Allen told the X12 he never did receive that letter when the X12 went to the school to the principle office after 1 of student threatened the X12 that the X12 recorded that student back in February 2006, and then the X12 had that student arrested by the Houston police. So the only way that letter could get intercepted while in the hands of the US Postal Service is by those feds.


    Here is a text message exhange between the X12 and his sister when the X12 was in California doing the 1st shoot on Tosh.0 in 2013, but it really wasn't the X12's sister who he was exchanging text messaging with, but it was caused by a dirty US Goverment officials. View the conflicting text massage exchange pic from the X12's sister in the white messages, and the cyan color message is the X12:

Click Here To See Pic

 So if I were you, be careful what you say over the telephone or text message, and the news media have already talked about this problem.


   So the US Government has been illegally plotting against the X12 since he was a juvenile in high school because he is a son of a civil rights activist, and his father was a member of the NAACP fighting for civil rights along with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, and the X12 is a member of the ACLU. Most dirty government officials do not like civil rights organization whether those civil rights organizations are good or bad, and they would do everything they can to suppress or oppress those civil rights organizations, and their members and supporters, and their family members in order to wane that civil rights organizations and their resources.

Since my father was killed in 1975 in which the US Government may have orchestrated when the X12 was a juvenile, and that's when those series of bad things started happening to the X12 that the US Government have orchestrated those series of bad things for me after my father's death. The racially motivated US Government plot to oppress the X12 stepped up while he was assigned in a corrupted military intelligence unit in Germany back in 1982, and if you don't believe me, here is a copy of the X12s orders of my military assignment in Germany at this link:

Here In My Order Of My Assignment In Europe

Here Are My Past Awards

   That's why the US Government at the VA Hospital have failed to take care of the X12 by making series of medical mistakes when he had series of life threatening health problems, and that's what forced him to create the X12 Superhuman to help overcome those series of life threatening health problems in which the VA Hospital had failed to take care of several times. The US Government has been trying to deprive the X12 of my 1st amendment rights of the US Constitution, religion, foods and supplements in order to keep him healthy, jobs, medical treatment, transportation to get my food or medical treatment, and deprive me of my communication with my X12 fans as well as my relatives, and close friends that the X12 have known nearly all his life, and they even engage in torture of inflicting serious bodily injuries of those tortured victims, racketeering, genocide, and organized crime. The US Government stated they do not make deals with terrorist or criminals, but they are making secret deals with bad people just to oppress or do crime on the innocent instead of doing prosecution on those bad people. So the US Government never did stood by their US Constitution and Federal Laws since it was written.

  That's why Edward Snowden defected to Russia and got asylum there, because the US Government were going to unjustly kill him. That's why Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated president Kennedy back in 1963, because he was assigned in military unit that required a security clearance just like me, and he may have been severely oppressed by the US Government before he assassinated president Kennedy, and that's why Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald to cover up the US Government plot of oppression against Lee Harvey Oswald. Also the rampage shooter of the Luby's massacre in Killeen, Texas in 1991, and the rampage shooter of the University Of Texas Clock Tower massacre in Austin, TX in 1966 did served in the US military, and they may have been oppressed by the US Government that may have driven them to do those massacre shootings.

   Those type of oppression tactics that the US Government are unjustly pulling on innocent people like the X12 are illegal and racially motivated, and it is a violation of civil rights, and that could trigger rampage shootings or massacres, murder-suicides, home grown terrorism, mayhem to cause disruption or destruction, riots, and assassination of political officials. The US Government need to concentrate more of their resources on fighting those terrorist groups in which they are far more resourceful, and a far bigger threat than the X12. The US Government knew 9-11 was about to happen after I saw several documentary TV program about what happen before 9-11, but they have failed to prevent 9-11 from happening that cost around 3,000 lives, including scores of lives local government personnel. So that's what the US Government need to concentrate on is those terrorist instead of illegally unjustly plotting against the X12.

  The US Government are trying to stop the X12 from doing his superhuman performance videos, and communicating with his fans. If the US Government wants to stop superhumans from doing their superhuman performance videos, they might as well stop WWE Mark Henry that pulled two 25 ton trucks on WWE Smackdown, or stop Superhuman Dennis Rogers that could bend forge steel, or he could break out of handcuffs and shackles, or bend gun barrels, or he could bend bars in jails, or stop those psychics that could do true psychic readings, and they could sense and reveal US Government secrets, or stop those witches or sorcerer from using their supernatural powers for evil, or stop a 200+lb highly volatile sport athlete that have been keeping themselves in trouble with the law, or committing too many personal fouls in the game that would cause seriously injuries on their competitive opponent or a sport official that those injuries would put them out of the game, or cause injuries on a sports fan. Those young volatile troubled professional sports athletes are far more dangerous than the X12 outside of their game.

If the X12 were a white superhuman, the US Government would have never unjustly plotted against him to violate his civil rights, and there are no real black superhumans, superheroes with extraordinary abilities. So what the US Government is doing to the X12 is purely racially motivated, and all they're doing just racially profiling the X12 because his father stood up civil rights along with Martin Luther King and Malcom-X. Christian Okoye an Igbo Nigerian with his 6'1" 260lbs body frame could run very fast around 25 MPH, Okoye also competed in track and field in college, and he played professional football in the late 1980's to 1990s. The reason why the US Government didn't hassle Christian Okoye because he had the white man's big money to back him up, and that's why, and all the US Government want to do is unjustly pick on an under privileged black man than Christian Okoye, and the X12's father stood up for civil rights, and he was member of the NAACP. So the X12 used to work with electronics for consumers, and in a grocery store, and drove Taxi cabs, and it didn't have anything to do with national security or crimes, and the US Government tried to destroy the X12's livelihood to make a living for the past 30 years. So the main motive of the US Government for unjustly plotting against me the X12 for over 40 years well before the X12 was created in 2010 was purely racially motivated, and no more.

   The X12 has just as much rights to do videos of superhuman performance feats as equally as WWE wrestler Mark Henry, Dennis Rogers, or the superhuman show guest of Stan Lee's Superhuman do in which that is protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. I'm surprised the ACLU, the NAACP, or any other civil rights organizations are not dealing with that kind of matter, and then again, most civil rights organizations today are standing up for civil rights that is under the news media eyes than standing for all people's civil rights that are not in the news media.


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