The New Spiritualism Of God


The New Spiritualism Of God is a newly founded Christian religion that rises from the old religions that uses the power of faith in God and prayer to summon God to use His supernatural forces that could combat all kinds of evil more vastly than ever, including terrorism, government corruption, or racial intolerance, redeem people back to God, and build the church within the people's heart, and not in the building call the church. When people build the church within their heart, then they would have a true church of God with Jesus as The Door of that church. So people don't have to go to church in order to worship God, you could worship God anywhere, and use only the power of faith in God to guide to the right church that have members and ministry that are true followers of God, God will steer you away from those evil churches that are havens of hypocrisies.

Those supernatural forces from The New Spiritualism Of God derives from the supernatural forces from those syncretised Louisiana religions like that Louisiana voodoo or hoodoo that already have a reputation of mysteriously messing up evil people, and it was mainly used to revolt the oppressive slave masters during the time of slavery. Now those supernatural forces from those syncretised Louisiana religions are practiced by not only by Afro-Americans, but it's practiced by all races and nationalities. But the difference is, The New Spiritualism Of God's followers practice do away with all things of this earth in which most syncretised Louisiana religion practitioners would use things of the earth to practice their religion, but The New Spiritualism Of God's followers use only the power of faith in God and prayer to summon God to use His supernatural forces to deal with all the troubles on this earth. So those supernatural forces are more like Moses supernatural technology from God that was used to free Israel from slavery in Egypt.


For Example

  In 2015, there were 12 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Storms had formed, and none of them struck the United State mainland coast at hurricane strength winds. Normally tropical cyclones storms don't died out in the tropical waters, but some of them did, and most of them never reached the Gulf  Of Mexico. Tropical cyclones storms normally travel in the direction of west to north, but hurricane Joaquin form and traveled southwest, and then made an U turn, and then traveled northeast. So that was those supernatural forces from God that steered that major hurricane Joaquin in a U turn away from the United State mainland, and there are no feasible manmade technology today that could steer a hurricane to make a U turn, nor steer away from the United States mainland coast.

Several tornadoes struck the Houston area on October 31, 2015, and the X12 knew those tornadoes were coming, because the X12 had repeated dreams of those tornadoes before they came, and the X12 even said on those social networks that those tornadoes are coming 1 month before they came, and more waves of tornadoes may come in the Houston area again.

When that bad flood in the Midwest U.S. came around December 27, 2015 after the X12 posted on the social network on December 20, 2015 there was heavy rainfall and muddy water was coming in his dreams as if he were really there. Here is that post on FB:

On January 8, 2016 around 4:30 PM, there was a Houston fire truck arrived at the Denver Harbor transit center, it seems like they were on a medical call aboard a Metrobus, The X12 prayed for that casualty aboard that Metrobus in the name of Jesus, and then no ambulance arrived at the scene to transport that casualty, and then that fire truck left the scene.

On April 18, 2016, Houston had a heavy rainfall on the westside, and flooded the westside, and the eastside never did flood in where I was at, and here is that stamp dated pics:

So you see? I-10 East Freeway underpass didn't flood while those freeway underpasses on the westside did flood. There is a 24 hour business in the lower Westheimer area 2 blocks east of Montrose Blvd on the westside of downtown that did me and other customers wrong after I've been a good paying customer for a decade got punished from God by getting floodwaters in their building on April 18, 2016.

On February 20, 2017, tornadoes stuck San Antonio, Texas, and then that same storm system that spun those tornadoes came to Houston. The X12 got a warning text message on his cell phone stating "tornado warning and seek shelter immediately", but the X12 went outside and pray to God to ask him to calm those winds down in the name of Jesus, then those winds calmed down, and Houston was spared from those tornadoes by the same storm system that spun those tornadoes that struck San Antonio, and news media said the same.

So if those people would have the curse of God lingering over them, it's those people's ignorance, evilness, corruption, misdeeds, and sins had caused the curse, and not me. So oppressing God's followers is not going to stop God and His supernatural forces to combat evil in which God has already planned it well before I was born. So the Roman Empire have already try to persecute, incarcerate, torture, kill, or execute those followers of God, and it didn't stop Christianity from growing. The Roman Empire had a catastrophic natural disaster of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius back in 79 AD that destroy the city of Pompeii that had Roman settlements, and then later on, the Roman Empire broke up.


When A Person Say I Don't Believe In God

I say this to the unbelievers, if you know how to create life from scratch from the elements from this earth like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and etc, then you don't need to believe in God. Somebody started the creation of life, and those elements from the earth didn't get up by themselves and created life. So there is nobody on this earth that could iniatiate the creation of life from scratch, but only God created life, and God is the source of all life.


Stay Away From People That Committed Blasphemy

Always stay away people that have committed blasphemy whether you are a believer in God or not, because those blasphemers could be totally demonized humans and some of them have severe unstable mental issues, and the devil and his demons have gained full control of their mind and body along with carrying the curse of God that could drive them totally insane enough to hurt people as well as hurting themselves just like Judas went insane and committed suicide after he betrayed Jesus Christ the founder of Christianity. So those blasphemers are totally demonized and blind that cause them get the curse of God to linger over them, and they would always sink to their very worst whenever they keep sustaining their reign of evil.



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