Elapse Time Of A 2 Yard Travel By The X12

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   On November 2013, the 260lb X12 traveled 6 feet in 0.133 seconds (4 video frames at 30 frames per second frame rate) or 45 feet per second or 30.68 MPH at 15 yards after takeoff, and he reached that speed in 15 yards from start. There are no 210+lb or no 240+lb professional American football players could acelerate to that speed in 15 yards from start. Here is the calculation of my speed:

6 feet / 0.133 second = 45 feet per second (fps)


30 frames per second / 4 frames X 6 feet = 45 fps

Convert feet per second to MPH

45fps X 3600 / 5280 = 30.68 MPH

Remenber, human sprinters takes 40 to 55 yards to reach top foot speed.

So some of those top rated professional football players could run 30 MPH, and that's nothing new about that. So those professional football teams are measuring their players top foot speed as well as their 40 time (40 yard dash time), but they won't broadcast their player's top foot speed, but they would broadcast only their player's 40 time.


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