How To Reduce You Chances Of Hamstring Pull Injuries
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In order to reduce your chances of hamstring pull injuries in doing strenuous running activities, you must warm up and stretch before starting any strenuous activities:

Warm up the hamstrings by lower leg curls of 50 repetitions on each leg of 2 sets:

   Step 1: start doing 50 leg curls on the left or right leg

   Step 2: Then do 50 leg curls on the other leg

   Step 3: Then repeat step 1 and 2 one more time.

Then do some stretching activities by gently stretch the hamstrings by bending over, or do front to back leg splits with the knee bent on the lead leg, or put a leg on the table, and gently bend over.

Do some series of short burst run of 10 yards with short stride length to finish loosening up those hamstrings.

If you take a break for a long period of time, those hamstrings would get cold and tighten back up, and then you must warm back up and stretch those hamstrings again. You could also keep those hamstrings stretch by standing up in a bent over position.

Take a vitamin E supplement at least 200IU before you warm up and stretch, and starting any strenuous activities so that it will reduce your chances of getting those hamstring pull injuries. But do not take too much vitamin E supplement.

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