X12 Superhuman Features

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The X12 Pulls Concrete Cinder Blocks Over The Grass With A
Total Weight Of 352 Pounds Without A Dog Sled

So the heavier the concrete, the more it sinks into the ground, the more of a hulk it takes to pull them. The resistance is constant from start to finish unlike pulling those heavy wheeled vehicles on a solid pavement surface as the resistance lessens as the wheels rolls faster from start to finish. Most strongmen won't try to pull that much concrete on the grass without a dog sled on video, or in a strongman competition, but those professional football players train with that much weight with a dog sled on the grass.

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Elapse Time Of A 6 foot Travel Of That 18 Yard Run
With That 30 MPH Cruising 18 Wheeler.

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Speed Healing in 4 days
After An Accidental Cut
On June 23, 2014

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Speed Healing After
An Accidental Cut

September 13, 2013

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Speed Healing

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Reverse Aging Process
Is Still Progressing
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Reverse Aging Process
Compare age appearance of the X12 with the age appearance
of the current and former US Presidents when they were elected in office.
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tn-2by12break16inf4rames.jpg (40893 bytes)
Frame By Frame Elapse Time Of
The Last 90 degree Motion of The Superpunch

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235 RPM Reading Of The Cycling Cadence On
The Stationary Bike At The Lowest Resistant Setting

With those Large Legs of 29 inch Thighs and 17 inch calves

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The Wattage Increase In 5 seconds Of X12's
Cycling Cadence At The Highest Resistant Setting Is
487 Watts or 0.65 Horsepower @ 170 RPM.
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Compare Frequency Counter Reading
To Stationary Bike Console Reading
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The Bane X12 Rises


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